Evaluation – Step by Step

For this project I set out to make a Project the visualises people’s positive memories, personal journeys and sentiment on their old shoes and also create branding and posters from these shoes. Overall I think that I achieved this to a very high standard and I’m very pleased with the work I have produced. I researched a lot of different concepts for my project and all of them helped with my understanding of what I was trying to create and also put across in my work. With the research from this I also branded my project as Step by Step as I had spoke about in my project proposal and thought about the future of Step by Step as a community project to support mental health charities.

I went through a difficult process of creating designs that I would be able to transfer on to shoes successfully and also still capturing the memory of the person who gave me the shoes. I developed and used a variety of different styles and also developed my skills while doing so. I also went through the process of getting feedback from the owners of the shoes to see if they thought their memory was captured well in my designs.

I think that the through out this project I have achieved a lot in terms of getting everything done I set out to do as well as the skill development I have achieved. Over all I thoroughly  enjoyed the experience as I really liked what I was working towards.

I have developed my skills in painting a lot in this project because of all of the detail I had to fit on to my shoes with paint. I have also developed my photoshop skills a lot and my composition of posters. I feel like my sense of typography has improved also.

I used a lot of different equipment in this project, both digital and traditional. I used photoshop and illustrator a lot in this project. I also used paint, pencils, markers and glitter to produce my outcome. Using shoes as my canvas as well was a new challenge that I think I tackled very well.

In this project I didn’t not anticipate as many problems while painting the shoes as I did encounter as I was originally only thinking the strange shape would be a problem but a lot of materials did not work well at all on the shoes but I overcame this problem by developing my painting skills. I also said in my proposal that if time allowed for it i would make a short video but this did not happen. I think if i was to do this agin in the future I would allow more time for my posters and try and shoot a video as I go as a little something extra.

I think my work will be viewed by others as something that is fun but also has a lot of context and meaning behind it. I also hope that people who see this project will want to take part if i do this project again in the future.



This is my double sided Upskill hand out on how to remove a complex background from an image in photoshop. The reason I decided to do this is because I used this skill a lot in the making of my posters and had to work it out for myself.

Upskill 1Upskill 2

The Summer Show

When deciding how i wanted to set up my work at the summer show I was quite indecisive and came up with quite a few ideas. My original idea was to set up my shoes so the were on a ladder and on each step was a shoe as if someone was walking down it and then my posters would be on the wall behind the ladder in various sizes. The reason I didn’t go through with this idea is because the ladder I was going to use was a lot steeper than I thought and I didn’t think the shoes would look very good as the steps on the ladder would be covering the majority of the shoes. There also wasn’t much space behind the ladder for my posters so they would all have had to be the same size.

Another idea I had was to have my shoes hung from the ceiling so that they were at about eye level and then have some other shoes that I didn’t create art on up higher to add to the look of it. I would’ve done this in a corner of the room and had my posters in the corner behind them In A4 size. The reason I didn’t use this idea is because There weren’t any beams in the corner of the room to hang the shoes from. To get around this I could’ve hung my shoes in a different area of the room but all the beams on the roof were in straight lines and I don’t think it would’ve looked very good if they were all in line.

The last idea I came up with, and the idea I have used, is to stick the shoes to the wall with hook and loop tape and have my posters either side of them. I am very glad this the idea that I used because I think the outcome is very effective as it looks like the footprints of someone walking. If my posters were in A4 as I had planned they wouldn’t have worked well with the rest of the exhibition. To get around this I printed them in A5 and I think they look just as effective, if not better.


Posters Overview

Overall my posters came out very well and look exactly how I imagined them. I didn’t face many problems when creating my posters but a few did pop up. When adding the handwritten names to them I wanted to scan the images in as this would’ve been a lot easier to trace over than a photo, but unfortunately the scanner on the printer was broken but I overcame this by using a photo instead and I think they came out just as good.

I also started to get short on time as I got to this point of my project. I thought this would be the easiest so I didn’t leave a whole lot of room for it in my time plan. If I was to do this again I would definitely leave a little bit more time to get these done. Also this way I would’ve had a bit more time to experiment with other poster styles and although the outcome I did produce was what I imagined I might have came up with something I liked more.

Final Posters

Here are my final posters which I created in the same way that I described at the end of my last post.

Wear and tear A5pokemon-go-a5.pngPlymbridge A5KD16 A5companion-a5.png

As a finishing touch I wanted to put in the people who owned the shoes names in their own handwriting to add a personal touch to them. To do this I got everyone to write their names and I then took photos of them and imported them to photoshop. From here i used the quick select tool to select the letters and I then used the paintbrush to make them black.


I think the posters came out looking very sharp and simple which is what I wanted. I think this works so well because the minimalistic design of the poster doesn’t take any personality out of the shoes.


Once I had taken my experimental photos I started to make my poster. My main idea for the layout of my poster is very similar to the layout of the Converse ‘Made by You’ campaign posters as I think it is a very clean looking design. I tried a few of my photographs in the poster template I made in photoshop and I think they look good but having a whole photo with a background just doesn’t look as clean in my opinion.

tester 2tester 3tester 4

Of these posters I think the bottom one is the best looking as it has minimal background which matches the minimalistic design of the poster. But I wanted to try and make them look a little bit more minimal and like the Converse posters.

Tester 1

This is what I ended up with. I think this looks a lot better than the posters with backgrounds. To make this I used photoshop, first I used the polygon lasso tool to roughly outline the shoes. I then cut out the shoes by pressing command X and deleted the background with the backspace. Next I pasted the shoes back in this command V and used the quick select tool to select the left over section of the image. This lets me use a white paintbrush tool to carefully go around the outside of the shoes to fully get rid of the background and still have a bit of white around the edge to work with if I need to.

Experimental Photography

The next stage of my project was to start taking some experimental photography of shoes so I could decide what would look best on my posters.

These photos were taken with a Nikon D3300 at Plympton Library. I’m pretty happy with how these photos have come out as I have only recently started getting in to photography and I haven’t done much since my last project.

Designing the Shoes Overview

While designing the shoes I faced quite a few problems such as the Posca pen soaking in the the shoe and working on the strangely shaped surfaces but found a way to solve these problems or work around them and I am very happy with the outcomes.

On Emily’s shoes, the grey canvas Converse, the original design idea was supposed to be about her trip to Disneyland Paris, but a few days before I finished the design her dog Dizzy died. So I had a chat with her and we decided to change her memory from Disneyland to her memories of Dizzy. If I was to paint the shoes again I would first buy a very cheap pair of shoes to experiment with materials on instead of finding out as I go.