JR is a photographer who pastes up his work in different countries to induce thought about stereotypes that are in that country. In a project called Face2Face he pasted up pictures of Israelis and Palestinians side by side and got people to see if they could tell the difference. This was to show that these people shouldn’t be discriminated against as they are the same just with different beliefs. I think that this will be useful to our project as we can paste up pictures of skateboarders and non – skateboarders and see if people can tell the difference. This is to show that we should not be treated differently just for carrying a skateboard.



Evan Hecox

The work of Evan Hecox has two main styles. In one style all his line work is done in black and then filled on with one colour and shades of that colour. His other style doesn’t use outlines at all. It uses blocks of colour to create abstract letters or to add to landscapes. The reason I think Hecox is a good artist to look at for this project, is because he has worked in and for the skateboarding industry. His style is also a lot like what i picture when I first thought of the final outcome of our posters. I think his work is very bold and eye catching and I believe this is what our poster need to be to get across the point we are trying to make.