I originally created two of these experiments but one of them could not be uploaded to my blog unfortunately.

To make this photo I took a panorama outside college and made sure that the whole top of the photo was the sky and that the majority of the bottom of the photo was the road or pavement. Once the panorama was taken I brought it in to photoshop. In photoshop I first cropped the panorama to size and flipped it upside down. From here I went to ‘filters’, ‘distort’ and then selected ‘polar coordinates’. This drags one end of the panorama to the other forming an oval with the sky on the outside and the land on the inside. After this you have to increase the canvas size in the ‘Image’ section so that the height is the same as the width, and then drag the image to fill the whole canvas. This creates a small planet but there is ab obvious line where the horizons don’t meet up. To fix this i used the clone stamp tool to make the sky look like it carries on smoothly all the way around and gladly the buildings looked realistic with out any serious editing.

Once I had my small planet I edited in a photo I took of my friend Nick on his skateboard. To do this I first cut him out of the original photo and put the cut out in to the small planet file. Next I edited the colour of Nick so that the lighting looked the same as in the small planet and I also used the ‘skew’ transform tool to make his head and shoulders bigger and get gradually smaller going down towards his feet so that the perspective looked correct. After this I added a small shadow as there wasn’t much sun. I also made nick slightly bigger than he should be to emphasise  how small the planet is.

The reason I created this is to visualise the way that skateboarders are looked down upon in todays society. Nick is shown in his own small planet because we aren’t wanted when we are skateboarding.


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