Evaluation – Social action

For this project Sam and I collaborated to create a series of posters to raise awareness of skateboarder stereotypes. As skateboarders, we know how annoying it is to be treated badly and like we’re doing something wrong when we have our skateboards, and then just being treated normally when we don’t have them. This is what we aim to change.

This project was inspiring to me because it affects me directly and taking action to promote change is a good feeling. In this project, we looked in to a few different artists including Evan Hecox, JR and Jim Philips but my posters were mainly inspired by JR’s face2face project. I also think JR’s style was translated in my work. I think this translated in my work because it made me want to work a little bit harder. In this project, we set out to make posters and stick them up and I did achieve that exact goal.

Throughout the duration of this project we also had another project going on and this made it quite hard to know what to prioritise. I found this a bit of a struggle and I found myself rushing to get somethings done but I still achieved them.

In this project, I experimented with a lot of photography and editing photos. I am now very educated on how to set up a DSLR camera in manual mode to achieve different styles of photo. I also learnt how to turn panorama photos in to mini planet style photos.

In this project, I used a lot of different equipment and tools. I used Photoshop a lot to edit my photos and to make my mini planet style photos. I also used a Cannon 760D camera for this project and I also used a tripod and an LED light panel. The camera equipment was new to me and learning how to use this was rewarding.

All in all, this project went very well and there wasn’t much that went wrong. The only thing I can think of is handling my time better especially with 2 projects at the same as I was rushing around a lot.

My other approach to this project was to make a series of little planets to show how we feel looked down upon and separated because we skate. This could’ve worked but I just liked my other idea more.

As I have displayed my work publicly I think there will be a lot of different reactions to it. I think most people won’t even understand the posters but some will.


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