Andy Warhol – Converse Made by You

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 10.16.16

For this piece the artist was commissioned by Converse shoes to make his own pair of Chuck Taylor All Stars for the Made by You campaign that Converse did in 2015. The piece itself is a pair of Chuck Taylor All Stars that the artist has drew onto to represent himself as this is what Converse asked for. He has used what appears to be a marker to write words on to the shoe in quite a messy way.

I think the way he has done this, along with the shoes being worn, gives them a distressed style. This piece is commercial and conceptual as it is being used to promote Converse, and it also has the message to express yourself.
I think this was successful as it meets what Converse asked for and successfully served its purpose as an advertisement for shoes and expressing yourself.

This has effected my project a lot as this is what inspired my concept and it also gives me an example to work from to see what styles of art look good on shoes.




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