Hayley I (Bulbasart) – Umbreon

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 14.07.33

This piece of work is a pencil drawing of a Pokemon, Umbreon, by the artist known online as bulbasart. The artist has gone away from pokemon’s art style and added a lot of colour and vibrancy to the dark coloured subject.

She has used the colour purple to highlight the subject and show that although it appears black, where umbreon’s fur is thinner towards the surface and the light is hitting it, it is actually purple. I think this technique is very effective as this brings a new depth to the creature that pokemon has created. She has also used shading very effectively especially around the ears and tail to show that they are rounded, adding depth to the drawing. The use of the white pen makes the the subject really stand out also. This is a commercial and technical drawing as it was a commision for someone and drawn for them. I think the choice of purple works well as it compliments the yellow perfectly.
I think this piece was very successful as she has used her own unique style to bring a new take to a pokemon which is dark in character and colour, and made it look vibrant. This style and these techniques can be transferred to other drawings as well.

This will help me in my project as the artist also uses this art style to create art on shoes so this gives me and example of a style that works well on a strangely shaped canvas.


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