Dominic Wilcox – No Place Like Home

Dominic Wilcox

This piece of work is a pair of shoes that have a built in GPS that will take you too whatever coordinates you programme in to them, for example your home. It does this by using two arrays of LEDs. The first array point you in the correct direction and the second array show you the distance you have left until you reach your destination. They also have a nicely illustrated, simple map laser cut in to the bottom.

This piece is technical, conceptual and commercial. I think this because it is a very strange and cool concept, but it also took a lot of different techniques to make the shoes and he was also commissioned to make them for the Global Footprint Project. I think this was very successful as it was displayed at the gallery for the project and it also functioned effectively in the way it was supposed to.

This artist and his work is very inspirational for my project as this is strongly based on going on a journey and visually representing that journey, which he has done on the sole of the shoe. One of the three main focuses of my project is to do exactly that making this a very good example of who I could go about designing my shoes.


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