Hattie Stewart – Doodlebombing

Hattie Stewart

This piece of work by Hattie Stewart is an example of what is known as doodlebombing. In this example she has taken the front cover of an influential magazine and drawn all over the front cover with markers to make her own piece of art from it.

I think the doodle style that the artist uses is very effective as it really brings a whole new aspect to what the photo is supposed to be about. The bold contrasting colours are what I believe makes the style work, if the colours were subtle I don’t think it would work as well. This piece is rather technical and conceptual as opposed to commercial as it is not used to promote a brand etc. or to make money but she has created this to see the magazine differently and in a different way. She has also had to cover entire sections of the magazine with illustrations at a time. I think this piece was successful as this magazine is completely different to how it was before and you don’t look at it in the same way at all.

This artist’s work is going to be influential to my work as she, like me, is creating art on someone else’s product and brought a new life to it.


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