Step by Step

Step By Step 2017 Logo acid back ground

I have decided that I am going to name this project Step by Step and the purpose of Step by Step is ‘to visualise the positive memories, personal journeys and sentiment that we hold within the unintentional wear and tear on our shoes, step by step’. What I want to brand Step by Step as is being a community project for people all over the world to recall their positive memories through a pair of shoes, remember all the Journeys they have been on with those shoes and also how sentimental those shoes have become because of the memories that they hold.

In the future I see Step by Step supporting charities that support people suffering with depression and other mental health issues as ‘scientists have established that artificial reactivation of memories stored during a positive experience can suppress the effects of stress-induced depression.’ I think this would be a great way to support people suffering with depression as encouraging them to take part in the project would help their mental health and wellbeing and they would also, with the help of others taking part in the project, be supporting a charity that is there to support them. If in the future i chose to support a charity with this project a strapline a came up with is, ‘Tackling depression together, step by step’.

Although step by step will be for everyone to take part in I think the target audience for step by step would be younger people between the ages of 16 and 30 as I believe the people in this age range are a lot more likely to think of their shoes in this way. The target audience would also include people who suffer with depression.

Coming up with the name for this brand was rather hard but no matter what I named it I had a solid idea for a logo in my head .

A few other names that I came up with were ‘Walk your own way’, ‘The way you walk’ and ‘Walk on’. I didnt think any of these names were as catchy as Step by Step and also step by step was a nice length that would fit nicely with the logo idea I had in mind. Step by Step also fit well in to the strap line. I have also created an instagram account for Step by Step to promote the project and get it out there, it is ‘@step_by_step_project’.

For the logo I had the idea of a shoe outline with the name of the brand filling the shape of the shoe. In the pictures above you can see I drew this up but I thought something didn’t look right about it, so I tried it without the sole of the shoe which still looked wrong. So then finally I tried it with out an outline so that the letters are the outline and this look how I wanted it too. I asked my family and friends what they thought and they agreed that the logo without an outline looked the best.

To make my final logo I scanned in the drawing of my logo and opened it in illustrator in a blank A4 document. Next I drew around all the outlines with the pen tool and filled in the shapes I created black. I then exported this as a PNG with a transparent background and took it into photoshop to add a background. In photoshop I experimented with a few different textures and colours including denim, blue and tie dye but eventually tried an acid washed red and thought it looked perfect. I think the reason for this is because the black stands out nicely on the red and the texture adds a depth to it that a solid colour wouldn’t. With the background in place I used the marquee tool to find the dimensions I wanted the logo to be and jotted them down. Finally changed the canvas size to these dimensions in the image toolbar and recentered the logo before I exported it as a PNG.

Step By Step 2017 Logo acid back ground


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