This project that I have created would be ideal for charity work in the future because it is something that anyone will be able to get involved in. When shoes are entered in to the project to be displayed a donation would be made for the charity that the project is supporting.

I think the ideal charities for this project to support are mental health charities, specifically depression. The reason behind this is because while researching depression and positive memories I came across an article on a site called Science Daily. The quote from the article that interested me was ‘In a remarkable demonstration of the curative power of memory, published in Nature, scientists have established that artificial reactivation of memories stored during a positive experience can suppress the effects of stress-induced depression.’ This relates to my project because one of the concepts of my work is asking people to recall and describe positive memories, which according to this study can help to prevent stress induced depression. Because this is the case I could advertise the project to encourage people who suffer with depression to get involved.

A few charities that I have looked at are The Depression Alliance who work with a mental health charity called Mind.  On The Depression Alliance section of Mind’s website it states that, ‘For almost 40 years, Depression Alliance has been bringing people together to end the loneliness and isolation that can come with depression.’ The reason this ties in well with my project is because step by step would be an amazing thing for the people that the alliance bring together to take part in, bringing up these good memories would help to prevent their depression as well as the fact they are all doing it together stopping the loneliness and sense of isolation.

Another charity I looked at was The Mental Health Foundation. The reason i think my project would be more suited to the above charity is because it focuses solely on depression which is what I feel my project is ideal for, whereas this charity works to help with lots of different mental health problems which might be a bit broad for this very contextually focused project.


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