Designing the Shoes

Thumbnails – 

To start off I knew I made a mind map of all the shoes I had collected and wrote down the ideas I had and the styles that I had in mind as well.dsc_0052.jpg

I knew I wouldn’t have enough time to do 7 pairs of shoes so I dropped Brad’s and Mat’s as they had the least information to go off of and I didn’t have any designs in mind where as with the other 5 I did.

I got some shoe templates off of the internet and for the shoes I couldn’t find templates for I made my own in Illustrator. In these templates I started to draw out the designs that I had in my mind in pencil and added some colour to some of them as well.DSC_0053DSC_0057DSC_0056DSC_0055DSC_0054_20170625_191259_20170625_191248_20170625_191236

Once I had done this I got some feedback from the owners of the shoes to see what they thought and they all seemed happy with the designs that I had come up with.

Visuals –

With the majority of these thumbnails I drew them in a lot of detail anyway and there wasn’t much more I could do in between the initial design stage and transferring them on to the shoe so I only refined the more complex designs. To refine the more complex designs I made a template that was the same size as the part of the shoe that it would be going on to so I could see if I had enough space to fit all of the detail in.


For the design with the silhouettes I was going to be painting it onto a black shoe so when i originally drew it on white paper I a problem working out the best way to paint it. To get around this I repainted the design on black paper and this gave me an accurate representation of how the design would work on the black suede of the shoe.


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