From Paper to Shoe

Putting my designs on to the shoes wasn’t an easy task to say the least. Because of the strange shapes that shoes have and also the fact that most of them were suede and not canvas made this very difficult so I had to trial and error with a few different materials.

On the black suede shoes and the grey canvas shoes I used a white ball point pen to draw the outlines and this seemed to sit on the surface quite well. I did mess up a few time but I found that a black sharpie covered up the mistakes well and also blended in with the suede nicely. One problem I found was when I tried to fill in the outlines I thought that I would be able to do the majority of it with Posca paint pens but they’re very watery so it soaked into the suede and canvas leaving a shoddy looking faded shape.


Seems as this failed I used acrylic paint on the suede shoes and grey canvas shoes instead. I was a little bit worried about this at first because painting isn’t exactly my strongest point and I find it hard to make accurate brush strokes, but I found that the more I painted the better I got through out the process of painting the shoes. once a coat of paint had been applied it made for a far fuller looking outline which was a nice base for the detail.


Once this Base was done I then added the detail with acrylic paint and a thin brush for the Vans and the Converse and also a grey sharpie for the Nikes. I had a problem with making the small details accurately with the paintbrush and had to go over the mistakes a few times with more white paint but as I did this I slowly got more accurate and was making far less mistakes.


I found the white canvas shoes were a lot easier to work with because it was just like painting on a normal canvas but with a more awkward shape. For these I out lined with a black fine liner and where I made mistakes I covered them with the white ball point pen. I then coloured them in with sharpies and a small amount of acrylic paint for the colours I didn’t have.


For the blue suede shoes I wanted a simple design on each with just a black line drawing which I achieved quite easily with out many problems with a black fine liner.


To get the glitter on the Vans I painted the areas I wanted to have glitter on with pva glue and then smothered the shoe with glitter, then tapped all the excess glitter off so only the glued areas were covered. Once I had done all the sections I went over them with another layer of glitter so that it sealed the glitter in. On the Vans and also on the Converse I found the paint had quite a rough, sketchy outline so I went around the painted areas with a black brush tipped pen to fix that problem (progression from no out lines at the top, to completely outlined at the bottom).



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