Gathering Shoes

For the final outcome of this project I am going to need a lot of shoes so I have got 2 of my own pairs of shoes and also 4 pairs off of my friends and a pair off of my brother. When I got the shoes off of them I asked them a few questions so I would have a basic idea on how to produce the designs on their shoes.

I asked each person the following questions:

  1. What is the most prominent memory you have while wearing these shoes?
  2. Can you describe this memory to me and anything specific that stands out?
  3. If you can’t think of a specific memory is there a journey you remember going on with these shoes that you can describe to me?

I only asked these 3 questions for now as I wanted the designing with them to be an ongoing process where I can get their feedback as I go through the design stages.

Here are the answers to the questions for each person in note form and also my answers for my pairs of shoes (not all answered question 3 as it was not necessary) –

Ben Jesty –

  1. Plymbridge woods in the summer.
  2. Walking through the woods by the bridge and looking over the river and also standing under the viaduct.

Emily Parton –

  1. Disneyland Paris with my family.
  2. Slipping over in front of everyone and laughing about it.

Paris Netherton –

  1. Knee Deep Festival 2016
  2. Going to the glitter bar and getting covered in glitter as well as all the lights and tents.

Brad Dean –

3. Skating all summer and learning new tricks.

Mat Smith –

3. Exploring lots of new places through autumn.

Me no.1 –

  1. Skateboarding over summer as well as exploring a huge abandoned building
  2. Learning tre flips on my skateboard and looking at the abandoned building in the torch light.

Me no.2 –

3. Playing pokemon go all summer.



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