Personal Journeys

I have been looking in to personal journeys and all though it is quite a specific point, the point itself is rather broad so it is quite hard to pinpoint exactly what a personal journey is. I tried to find a solid definition of the term but had no such luck so I think a personal journey is what you make of it.

I think that a personal journey is something a person goes on whether they intend for it to be one or not, it only becomes a personal journey once you have been on it. I think a personal journey can be basically any experience you have that you gain something from (being experiences or skills), makes you change something about yourself or gives you a different outlook on something. I think it can be anything from something as simple as hanging out with friends and you gain enjoyment from it, to something as complex as going on a trip to a third world country and changing your whole outlook on life.

I think shoes are a fantastic thing to remember personal journeys by as a pair will most likely have gone through the entire journey with you bearing marks, scuffs and tears that will remind you of those experiences.


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