Once I had taken my experimental photos I started to make my poster. My main idea for the layout of my poster is very similar to the layout of the Converse ‘Made by You’ campaign posters as I think it is a very clean looking design. I tried a few of my photographs in the poster template I made in photoshop and I think they look good but having a whole photo with a background just doesn’t look as clean in my opinion.

tester 2tester 3tester 4

Of these posters I think the bottom one is the best looking as it has minimal background which matches the minimalistic design of the poster. But I wanted to try and make them look a little bit more minimal and like the Converse posters.

Tester 1

This is what I ended up with. I think this looks a lot better than the posters with backgrounds. To make this I used photoshop, first I used the polygon lasso tool to roughly outline the shoes. I then cut out the shoes by pressing command X and deleted the background with the backspace. Next I pasted the shoes back in this command V and used the quick select tool to select the left over section of the image. This lets me use a white paintbrush tool to carefully go around the outside of the shoes to fully get rid of the background and still have a bit of white around the edge to work with if I need to.


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