Research Overview

Overall I have learnt a lot from my research. I have gained a lot of knowledge about the three things that make up my concept and I have applied the knowledge I’ve gained to my concept and how It will influence my project. Through the concept of sentiment I have also researched the subculture of skateboarding and how it links to my project.

I have also researched some relevant artists whose work I can link to mine through the context of the piece or the methods that they have used to create the pieces I studied. I have also looked in to various different styles through these artists that I will be able to apply to my designs.

My research on positive thoughts lead me on to researching depression and charities that support this mental illness as my project is very well set up to support such a cause i the future when it is a community project rather than me doing all the art.

Lastly I have branded my project as step by step by looking at my concept and the other various things I have researched. This includes a logo, strapline, future to the project and also a social media project.




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