The meaning of the word sentimental value in the context of my project is as follows – ‘the value of an object deriving from personal or emotional associations rather than material worth.’ Sentiment is what brings my project together I think, because the personal journeys and the positive memories are what make your shoes sentimental.

Shoes are something that can be worth so much to someone in terms of sentimental value. Personally when I have owned a pair of shoes that wear all the time, for a long time and they get worn out, dirty, torn or faded I just keep using them because I have grown to love that pair of shoes. I didn’t realise until I started this project and looking in to it but it is because of all the good memories that those shoes hold and all the journeys that you have been on wearing those shoes.

I think this project is also going to make a lot more people see this and maybe make them not take their shoes for granted as much.



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