Skateboarding – Subculture

Having the right type of Shoe and finding the shoes that work best for you is a huge deal in skateboarding. As skateboarding has become increasingly more popular, more and more shoe brands have emerged producing skate shoes and also more and more existing brands have jumped on the band wagon as they realise the amount of money that surrounds skateboarding.

Finding the right shoe for you to skate in can be a hard process and can take a lot of trial and error and, unfortunately, money. But once you find the pair that you perform best in you will never want to get rid of them. Personally for me, as a skateboarder, I find that the reason behind this is because once you find a great pair of shoes, you skate great too! This means learning more tricks and feeling confident so these become positive memories and because you associate this pair of shoes as making you a better skateboarder you never want to get rid of them making them very sentimental to the owner.

I asked my friend Brad if he agreed with the above statements as he to is a skateboarder and he agreed completely. When talking about this he gave me a perfect example of this that had happened to him, ‘Once I got a new pair of Etnies for my birthday and seems as my old skate shoes were destroyed I couldn’t wait to test them out, but after about a week of skating I realised that I just wasn’t skating as well as was before my birthday and this made me lose some confidence. After about another week of skating I realised it was because of the new shoes. So I bought myself another pair of the Vans ,like the ones I had before my Etnies, and I was back to learning new tricks and skating consistently almost straight away’.


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