Evaluation – Step by Step

For this project I set out to make a Project the visualises people’s positive memories, personal journeys and sentiment on their old shoes and also create branding and posters from these shoes. Overall I think that I achieved this to a very high standard and I’m very pleased with the work I have produced. I researched a lot of different concepts for my project and all of them helped with my understanding of what I was trying to create and also put across in my work. With the research from this I also branded my project as Step by Step as I had spoke about in my project proposal and thought about the future of Step by Step as a community project to support mental health charities.

I went through a difficult process of creating designs that I would be able to transfer on to shoes successfully and also still capturing the memory of the person who gave me the shoes. I developed and used a variety of different styles and also developed my skills while doing so. I also went through the process of getting feedback from the owners of the shoes to see if they thought their memory was captured well in my designs.

I think that the through out this project I have achieved a lot in terms of getting everything done I set out to do as well as the skill development I have achieved. Over all I thoroughly  enjoyed the experience as I really liked what I was working towards.

I have developed my skills in painting a lot in this project because of all of the detail I had to fit on to my shoes with paint. I have also developed my photoshop skills a lot and my composition of posters. I feel like my sense of typography has improved also.

I used a lot of different equipment in this project, both digital and traditional. I used photoshop and illustrator a lot in this project. I also used paint, pencils, markers and glitter to produce my outcome. Using shoes as my canvas as well was a new challenge that I think I tackled very well.

In this project I didn’t not anticipate as many problems while painting the shoes as I did encounter as I was originally only thinking the strange shape would be a problem but a lot of materials did not work well at all on the shoes but I overcame this problem by developing my painting skills. I also said in my proposal that if time allowed for it i would make a short video but this did not happen. I think if i was to do this agin in the future I would allow more time for my posters and try and shoot a video as I go as a little something extra.

I think my work will be viewed by others as something that is fun but also has a lot of context and meaning behind it. I also hope that people who see this project will want to take part if i do this project again in the future.


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