Posters Overview

Overall my posters came out very well and look exactly how I imagined them. I didn’t face many problems when creating my posters but a few did pop up. When adding the handwritten names to them I wanted to scan the images in as this would’ve been a lot easier to trace over than a photo, but unfortunately the scanner on the printer was broken but I overcame this by using a photo instead and I think they came out just as good.

I also started to get short on time as I got to this point of my project. I thought this would be the easiest so I didn’t leave a whole lot of room for it in my time plan. If I was to do this again I would definitely leave a little bit more time to get these done. Also this way I would’ve had a bit more time to experiment with other poster styles and although the outcome I did produce was what I imagined I might have came up with something I liked more.


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