The Summer Show

When deciding how i wanted to set up my work at the summer show I was quite indecisive and came up with quite a few ideas. My original idea was to set up my shoes so the were on a ladder and on each step was a shoe as if someone was walking down it and then my posters would be on the wall behind the ladder in various sizes. The reason I didn’t go through with this idea is because the ladder I was going to use was a lot steeper than I thought and I didn’t think the shoes would look very good as the steps on the ladder would be covering the majority of the shoes. There also wasn’t much space behind the ladder for my posters so they would all have had to be the same size.

Another idea I had was to have my shoes hung from the ceiling so that they were at about eye level and then have some other shoes that I didn’t create art on up higher to add to the look of it. I would’ve done this in a corner of the room and had my posters in the corner behind them In A4 size. The reason I didn’t use this idea is because There weren’t any beams in the corner of the room to hang the shoes from. To get around this I could’ve hung my shoes in a different area of the room but all the beams on the roof were in straight lines and I don’t think it would’ve looked very good if they were all in line.

The last idea I came up with, and the idea I have used, is to stick the shoes to the wall with hook and loop tape and have my posters either side of them. I am very glad this the idea that I used because I think the outcome is very effective as it looks like the footprints of someone walking. If my posters were in A4 as I had planned they wouldn’t have worked well with the rest of the exhibition. To get around this I printed them in A5 and I think they look just as effective, if not better.



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